J. Paige Dunn : Traveler:  Book One of the Druid Chronicles

Traveler: Book One of the Druid Chronicles

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Romance, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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J. R. R. Tolkien, Terry Brooks, Kim Harrison, Orson Scott Card, Dan Wells

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322 paperback pages




5 Elements Press

Publication Date

December 19, 2013



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In the century since the world was torn apart in the Fracture, nearly all civilization and technology have been swept away. Mankind has been brought to its knees, leaving the world's population a remnant of what it once was.

Now, with the earth quietly slumbering once more, her remaining human children continue to rebuild with precious little knowledge of the old world. In the tradition of those brave souls who first ventured out into the devastated landscape, Davis travels the ancient roads, not much caring where his steps take him, so long as it is away from his troubled past.

When a mysterious young woman crosses his path, claiming to be a druid with magical powers, Davis has a difficult choice to make — Should he help in her quest to heal the world of devastation, or follow his own will, continuing to lead the life of a Traveler?

Author's note: I am only asking for a $1 tip for this ebook so that NoiseTrade can make a little money. The ebook is offered free elsewhere. Enjoy! :)

Editorial Reviews

Format: Kindle Edition - "Everything you want in a book: an interesting world filled with great characters. Fast paced, easy read that's over too soon. I hope the series continues because I really effing need to know what happens in the Grove!"

Format: Paperback - "very good book, really brings perspective to what will happen after "the fracture" and the condition the earth will be in. Can't wait for book #2!!!"

Format: Paperback - "It took me a little bit to get into this book because I don't really like or read Fantasy stories. With that being said, I guess I should confess that I know the author - but I'm still going to write my review the way I see it.... :)Once I did get into the story, I enjoyed it. It's well written and entertaining. I like books that are well written and entertaining. The characters develop throughout the story, and by the time I finished it, I really wanted to know what happened next. So, I'm looking forward to the next book.If you ARE a fan of Fantasy - you may enjoy this even more than I did. Try it."

Format: Kindle Edition - "Looking forward to the next novel, may it be soon. Enjoyed traveling the road of adventure with Davis and Angie."

Format: Kindle Edition - "Post apocalyptic books are often an overworked genre - really, how many stories can you read that start with most of humanity being wiped out, by disease, aliens, or other calamities? However, I was drawn into this book, so much so that I bought the second in the series. In this story, the Earth decides to get rid of humanity with earthquakes, tidal waves, and other disasters (there is a bit of confusion as to whether this happened 100 or 300 years before the story). The young hero has a moral compass to protect and help others (he is the Traveler), and undertakes to be the Warrior for the female lead, a druid. The druids have magic that will heal the world - the series looks to be headed in the direction that these two will be the ones who will do it. The female lead is strong, going against the dictates of the druid leader to find her hero. I'm in!"

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