Joyce Meyer : Mastering Your Emotions

Mastering Your Emotions

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Feelings…we all have them, and they don’t go away. Whether they’re good, bad, positive or negative, too often they influence our behavior more than they should.

It’s important to learn to master your emotions so they don’t master you. In this audio download, Joyce explains…

  • How your emotions can keep you from living to your potential
  • Why surrendering your will to God actually makes you powerful
  • How to know if you’re following God’s plan for your feelings

God’s plan is for you to have His righteousness, peace and joy. Learn to live beyond your emotions and fulfill your destiny in Christ!

**All proceeds and tips received for this download will go to support relief efforts of Hand of Hope ( Hand of Hope's goal is to help alleviate human suffering through feeding programs, rescuing women from human trafficking, translation and other outreach efforts. They also actively seek to help Christians grow in their faith.

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