Joshua Waldron : Penny Wise: The Complete Guide to Saving Money with Online Penny Auctions

Penny Wise: The Complete Guide to Saving Money with Online Penny Auctions

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Timothy Ferris, Ian Daniel, Michael Hyatt

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104 pages




Studio JWAL LLC.

Publication Date

October 2011



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Online penny auctions have exploded across the internet. This new way of getting everything from gift cards to laptops offers successful buyers unbelievable values – literally pennies on the dollar. The variation on the auction theme comes with a caution, though: Let the bidder beware. You may lose a bundle.

Penny Wise: The Complete Guide to Saving Money with Online Penny Auctions is the first comprehensive handbook for bidders. Whether you’re a novice player or a seasoned buyer, this book will help you win more often, save more dollars, and avoid common mistakes. This straight-forward, easy-to-follow manual is written by a penny auction pro and a former journalist. It takes you from beginning to winning, helping you learn the techniques successful bidders use. Chapters examine:

  • - Origins of the penny auction industry
  • - The unique business model behind the sites
  • - Basic fundamentals and various auction formats
  • - Ways to know when to bid and when not to
  • - Developing an online identity
  • - Methods of tracking your success
  • - Recognizing red flags and problem sites
  • - Monetizing your wins
  • - Starting your own website

The guide includes Penny Point tips and Common Cents advice to help you dissect the jargon. If you’re going to win on sites like Beezid and QuiBids, you need this book. Penny Wise: The Complete Guide to Saving Money with Online Penny Auctions will help you get started, stay in the game, and take home more than pennies.

Editorial Reviews

"[Penny Wise] will help people learn what penny auctions are, what they are not, and most importantly, how to save their money. Great work!"

- Nicholas Boccio, industry leader

"[Penny Wise] not only satisfied my needs as a beginner, it introduced advanced concepts and ideas for future reference. Waldron provides the reader with a clear and thoughtful review of the penny auction industry and the mechanics of penny auction sites generally. He also provides explicit and actionable tips on how to succeed at penny auctions -- and importantly, how to avoid the truly bad ones. What's more, this book is well written, professionally edited (I suspect), and formatted for an easy read. I know that may sound trivial, but when you buy as many how-to/tip books and guides as I do, it's a real pleasure to see great content that's well dressed too. If you're interested in learning more about penny auctions, then I highly recommend Penny Wise."

- Michael Wills, B.A., LL.B., LaSalle, Ontario

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