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Tao Lin, Blake Butler, Donald Miller, Sam Pink, Noah Cicero

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Hey, I meet people and they’re like, “What should I read by you?”

And I’m like…Ack…I don’t know? That’s not a good answer.</b>

My chapbooks and books are uh, different.

One I designed in Powerpoint with crazy fonts.

Another one is about Kmart.

Still, my newest one is a memoir-ish thing about living in a place.

My upcoming full-length novel is about somebody who feels like God wants him to start a taco truck. So I created the Josh Spilker Story Sampler. It even includes an unpublished excerpt from the aforementioned food truck novel, Taco Jehovah. That’s published in the sampler and nowhere else. Best of all? It’s got discounts, mad discounts on everything. It’s a good deal, promise.

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