Joseph Gatch : The Adventures of Phineas Frakture

The Adventures of Phineas Frakture

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Humor, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Gail Carriger, Richard Harland, James P. Blaylock

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June 16, 2013



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What if the Civil War never happened? What if Queen Victoria was at odds with an Emperor named Ulysses S. Grant? What if?

This is the question that plagues one man on his journey to discover his place in the universe. Should he sit by and let history take its course or stand up and make his presence known, changing the outcome for the better...or worse? Set in an alternate past of Victorian era Steampunk, The Adventures of Phineas Frakture follows the title character through a myriad of escapades involving mad scientists, monsters, and fantastic clockwork gadgets.

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