Jon Chaisson : Meet the Lidwells!  A Rock n' Roll Family Memoir

Meet the Lidwells! A Rock n' Roll Family Memoir

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"Rule number one in the music business: never start a band with any members of your family.

Sure, it’ll start off just fine, everyone having fun, with big dreams of success and gold records, but then you realize you’re stuck in a stinking, too-small tour bus with your siblings for the fifth year running, and your brother hates you. Next thing you know, the band implodes just as it’s reaching its highest success, your family won’t talk to you anymore, the press is having a field day ripping you to shreds, and you’ll need to start your career all over again as a solo act. If you dare to at that point.

Rule number two in the music business: rules were made to be broken." -- Thomas Lidwell

Meet the Lidwells! is the story of four siblings and two cousins who start a band as teenagers and achieve success beyond their wildest dreams. But while they consistently top the charts with their irresistibly catchy tunes, they're also fighting their own demons: perfectionism, disenchantment, addiction, exhaustion, sexism...and figuring out how to become an adult in front of millions of fans.

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