John Vorhaus : Decide to Play Drunk Poker

Decide to Play Drunk Poker

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Tom Robbins, Strunk & White, Robert McKee, Annie Duke

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July 25, 2011



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With tongue planted firmly in cheek, noted novelist and poker raconteur John Vorhaus pulls off the devastatingly rare "self-spoof," going to town on his and Annie Duke's bestselling book, DECIDE TO PLAY GREAT POKER. Study the ways of the drunken master (an Ascended Stairmaster). Correlate drinking frequencies to bluffing frequencies. Learn not to drink with Finns. Also contains the complete rules of Hold'em War and important breakthroughs in strip poker. The good news about drinking and playing poker is if you're a really, really, really, really bad player to begin with, drinking won't materially hurt your game. Same with this book: If you have no game to begin with, this won't make it worse.

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