John Vorhaus : A Million Random Words

A Million Random Words

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Humor, Professional & Technical Reference

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Tom Robbins, Strunk & White, Robert McKee, Annie Duke

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Bafflegab Books

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February 28, 2013



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Hi there. John Vorhaus here, author -- well, conceiver -- of A Million Random Words, and I was just wondering: Have you ever been disappointed by a book that made you a promise and then didn't come through? You'll never have that problem with A Million Random Words! It promises -- and delivers -- 1,000,000 words, including countless ones that you've never heard of or even imagine existed. And what can you do with a book like this? I use it when I need fresh phrases or odd character names -- just now it gave me "shedable vulgarian" and "Quern Ranpike" -- and what writer couldn't use interesting seed corn like that? You can also write the most hellacious "exquisite corpse" poetry, where you take as much or as little raw text as you like, and keep throwing out words you don't like until what you're left with is poetry -- even art. I've heard that people use A Million Random Words as a party game, reading random sentences and challenging one another to make sense of them. Myself, I have trouble reading very much of it out loud without cracking up laughing. It's very hard to read aloud (and therefore makes an excellent drinking game). Best of all, at a suggested price of $5, A Million Random Words delivers real value: just $0.000005 per word. Word for word, you won't find a better bargain anywhere on earth. Download A Million Random Words and get your random on! -jv

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