John Traynor : Unintended Matter

Unintended Matter

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Rick Riordan, Phillip Pullman, Orson Scott Card, Patrick Rothfuss

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Secrets and deception, bubbling just below the surface of an idyllic resort town. A secretive group conspiring to do harm. An ongoing assault to life, as we know it. No one was seeking answers, until an outsider arrived. A devastating crisis thrusts a group of new found friends into the midst of an cunningly arranged international incident.

A typical teen, living a normal life is thrust into a disastrous showdown. Lucas Logan is committed to discovering the answer to a perplexing, mysterious substance, before it can be used against the world.

While an enigmatic character, silently helps to advance a catastrophe planet-wide societal collapse, vows to annihilate anyone in his path.

Can an this insidious international calamity be adverted? Can they discover why a terrorist might try and cripple their local economy? In the course of an electrifying odyssey, can they save themselves from jeopardy, while derailing an innocence's wanton detention?

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