John Rachel : The Man Who Loved Too Much - Book 2: Entendre

The Man Who Loved Too Much - Book 2: Entendre

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Humor, Fiction & Literature

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John Irving, Kurt Vonnegut, Christopher Moore, Tom Robbins, Joseph Heller

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Literary Vagabond Books

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March 16, 2015



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The Billy Green saga continues! Billy’s challenging, sometimes humorous, sometimes tragic, always unpredictable journey. He was more determined than ever to find meaning in life and comfort in love.

Billy came to know one thing for sure.

Love is real.

He could now with the absolute cocksure confidence of pure enlightenment, scoff at the naysayers and spit in the face of the purveyors of romantic nihilism, the cynics who say that love is an illusion.

Billy knew the real score. Love is the light that never dims. Love is a wine that flows in our hearts. Love is a wonder that has no beginning or end. Love is a master key that opens the gates of perfection. Love is the language our souls use to speak to one another. Love is the trafficking of fantasies and transcending of mortality. Love is an energy that can neither be created or destroyed. Love is God Allah Yahweh Shiva Qat Aphrodite. Love is touch smell feel taste listen pray. Love is the poetry of the senses. Love is metaphysical gravity. Love is the gift of oneself. Love is sweet tyranny. All you need is love.

Descartes. You almost got it right. Je aime, donc je suis.

Yes. That’s how it should go. I love, therefore I am.

Valentines Day solipcism.

But does it ever turn out the way we planned? The way we hoped and dreamed?

Editorial Reviews

"Chockablockwith insights into pop-culture and political observations — the work
presents a tsunami of depraved, reflective mental torture expressed
poetically coursing through the mind of Billy Green. The author’s
candidly, beautifully executed mental reflections reminded me of Marcel
Proust’s detailed mental pondering in his classic work Swans Way.”

"With laughter and tears John Rachel juxtaposes Billy Green's turbulent love
life against a setting filled with major historical events in a chaotic

"John Rachel’s second book follows his first in a lyrical musical rhythm, with a beat, and the contrapuntal symphony
of introspective dancing words. The subtitle Entendre underscores this
work; unsubtle with a single meaning. But it is damn clever, close to
the bone stream of consciousness writing."

"This is a must read book!"

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