Johnee Cherry : Over the Yahoola

Over the Yahoola

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Romance, Fiction & Literature

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contemporary fiction, women's fiction, , Fannie Flagg, Billie Letts, Eudora Welty

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Lilly Corn can't be fooled by that old penny-behind-your-ear trick. She's been bamboozled by a man too many times. Voodoo, shaman tricks, and omens are make-believe as far as Lilly is concerned and the mention of folklore could strike a flame in her eyes. When sexy, sweet Hudson McGee shows up on Lilly's doorstep looking for a place to camp for a few days, she's not too pleased with the idea. She's not about to let this year's shyster fool her with his crazy schemes. What she doesn't know is that Hudson has been infected with Dahlonegaitis or yellow blood caused by an incurable case of chronic gold fever. Nothing will daunt Hudson from his prospecting goals, not legend, nor mountain, or thieves, and especially not a woman! Will Hudson infect Lilly with gold fever or will she infect Hudson with her charms? Can Hudson sway Lilly into believing in things she can't see or touch?

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