John D. Wattson : She Let Go of My Hand

She Let Go of My Hand

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Guy In The Boat Publications

Publication Date

March 9, 2016



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A heart-wrenching story that resonates with everyone who has ever experienced a loving partnership.

“It has been painful to realize that John is a CAT who tried to be a DOG all these years, but in the end, he is a cat and will always be. I do not want him to be anything more than who he is. He has tried to be a dog because a dog is what I want, but alas, he can only be who he is.” ~ Veeby QUOTE ~

Queen Veeby proclaims her husband, John…is a CAT. Her Highness really prefers a DOG. Adorned with shaming pendants, John's collar merely reflects projections from her royal crown. They dance the stately Silent Treatment Tango until her screams of discontent drown out the music. Thus, she abruptly ends their dance and commences the Game of Divorce.

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