Joseph David Graves : While on Vacation

While on Vacation

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Religion & Spirituality, Travel & Adventure

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Rob Bell, Adam Hamilton, CS Lewis, Eugene Cho

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Color Canvas Media

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May 22nd, 2016



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Does God want us to have fun?

Sure, God wants us to take time to rest, but should we also take time to play? Or should our Sabbath be serious?

These are the questions that fueled this study. Pulling from Old and New Testament passages, "While on Vacation" is an attempt to capture God’s perspective on having fun. It’s a devotional; it’s vacation journal; but it’s also a theology of play.

It includes a number of devotions, and other means to reflect before, during, and after you vacation. It also includes journaling space, sudoku, mazes, a crossword puzzle and adult coloring pages. This devotional is designed to be your companion for those times when you want to rest, enjoy yourself, have fun, and relish your time away from everyday life but you don’t want to leave God behind. Instead, you want to have fun with God. Whether you’re on vacation, or—in the words of Bill Murray’s character in "What about Bob?"—you just want to “take a vacation from your problems,” then this devotional is for you.

I hope you find this devotional + journal to be the ultimate guilt-free guide for staying in love with God while you’re taking time off.

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