Joseph David Graves : Our First Year Together: A 12-month Devotional For You and Your Newborn

Our First Year Together: A 12-month Devotional For You and Your Newborn

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Rob Bell, Adam Hamilton, CS Lewis, Eugene Cho

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The first year with a new born is a year filled with joys, confusion, sleepless nights, doubts, fears, and love. A lot happens in the first year, and we want you to be able to remember every moment of it.

With everything that's happening in your little one, just as much is happening in you. You are growing into the parent you will become, whether it's your first or seventh. We've created this journal and devotional as a way to not only track your progress through the first year, but as a way to help you remember that your ultimate job as a parent is in the faith development of your child. And that while your child is learning to crawl and barely speaking audible words, God's Spirit is at work in their life and in yours.

Divided into twelve sections, you can check-in on the day of your child's birthday. Each reading and devotion reflects on one of the many birth stories found in the scriptures, and inlcudes a place to track your child's progress, how you're feeling, and interactive memory book activities.

As you celebrate your first year together, we hope that scripture meets you in these moments and that you see the connecting threads between your experiences and what God has shared with us in His word. If nothing else, consider this: the most significant leaders and characters in the bible—even Jesus—each began their stories as babies. Our hope is that the same can be said of your little one.

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