Joannie Kay : The Perfect Wedding Dress

The Perfect Wedding Dress

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spanking, domestic discipline, old-fashioned romance

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Could it really be so easy? Brook asked herself. When her new neighbor asked to give her a hand with her moving, she felt safe with him. He seemed to be the yin to her yang. When she heard him threaten his sister with a spanking, her own cheeks blushed. Surely he wasn't a spanko?

But, when he started counting after she lost her temper and cursed while driving, and added another count when she answered her cell phone while driving, she wondered if it meant what it would mean in most DD relationships. Michael saw the pretty little redhead, and realized he was interested. She suffered from road rage, however, and he knew how to deal with that!

A sore bottom would test the waters to see if a relationship was possible.

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