J.L. Eck : Naupaka Blooming

Naupaka Blooming

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They weren’t supposed to fall in love. Now dark forces conspire to keep them apart, in this life and the next.

In ancient Hawaii, after an auspicious encounter with a sea turtle, her family guardian spirit animal, young princess Leilani unexpectedly falls in love with Kanoa, a commoner. In spite of being forbidden from each other, the young lovers believe they have the blessings of the gods. But when dark forces intervene their relationship ends in tragedy. Ever after, the naupaka flower, a symbol of their love, mourns Leilani and Kanoa by growing with only half its petals.

Centuries later, Liz finds herself navigating a new life in Hawaii, the land of her ancestors. Between making new friends and romantic pursuits, she learns of the naupaka flower and its tragic love story. She has a strange encounter with a sea turtle and then learns that the sea turtle is her ancestors' guardian spirit animal. And then she finds herself intensely drawn to a local man she’s never met before. Or has she? With persistent feelings of deja vu and vivid dreams about what seems to be a prior life, she wonders. But dark forces gather against Liz now, much as they gathered against Leilani so long ago. Will Liz finally find the love she’s always wanted, or will she -- like Leilani before her -- be caught up in a tragedy as old as the naupaka story itself?

Naupaka Blooming is a contemporary coming-of-age love story set on the beautiful island of Oahu. If you like tropical settings, cultural exploration, a little fantasy mixed in with a little romance and compelling stories linking the past and present, then you’ll love this exotic novel from J.L. Eck. Buy your copy today!

Editorial Reviews

"Brilliantly crafted, this Hawaiiana tale weaving ancient lore and legend with the modern day story
of a young woman discovering her authentic self is breathtaking." Kate
Elliot, author of a Camino of the Soul.

"What a fascinating blend of past and present, love and hate, romance and tragedy! The story blends an an authoritative account of Hawaiian
culture and language with well developed characters and beautifully
wrought word pictures of these exotic settings. The result is marvelous
experience for the reader, who will often think back to this story, and
the naupaka in bloom, long after the reading is done." J. V. Scruggs, author of Gemini Switch

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