JJ Zep : Dead Meat

Dead Meat

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Max Brooks, Robert Kirkman, Stephen King, Joe McKinney, Mark Tufo

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The brutal, heart-stopping prequel to the best-selling Zombie D.O.A. Series, a series fans are calling, "as good as The Walking Dead."

On a beautiful early-fall evening, a couple is attacked in Times Square by a seemingly deranged vagrant. An ER unit is dispatched to the scene and returns to the emergency room with two victims, one seriously injured, the other dead on arrival.

Or so they think.

The prequel to the Zombie D.O.A. series follows the events leading up to a deadly zombie epidemic, as a seemingly routine ER call spirals quickly out of control - with deadly results.

Editorial Reviews

I've really liked the stories Mr. Zep has been putting out. This one had action right from the beginning and kept the reader hanging on, really making you get into the storyline.

If you are into reading zombie books, you will definitely love this series! I highly recommend this to anyone!


This is first time reading books from this author, I really enjoyed his writing, I've already purchased his other books. Can't wait to start book one...


Wow....finished this FAST and immediately grabbing book 2!


The action at the beginning pulls you straight into the story. Looking forward to reading the next book very soon.


Good, scary telling of a new epidemic of zombie virus. You're in someone's shoes while he figures out what's going on. I actually jumped a few times. Looking forward to the next step


It was extremely enthralling!! If I could change one thing about it, it would be to make it longer. There's nothing wrong with a great short read every now and then. Great job JJ

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