JJ Melvin : The Four Points Chapters 1-10

The Four Points Chapters 1-10

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Romance, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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In the Four Pointswe enter the world of a young teenage outsider and her struggle to be accepted—her struggle to accept herself. But ERIKA is far from a regular teen. Erika hears people's thoughts. She has blackout spells, waking up in places with no idea of how she got there...and strange, inexplicable things keep happening around her.

On the first day of 11th grade, Erika is compelled to intervene during a mass shooting at her high school. She is reluctantly propelled into the spotlight, a place where she is profoundly uncomfortable. A series of strangers start to enter her life...all connected by an odd symbol—a DIAMOND containing two eyes—a symbol similar to the birthmark on the back of Erika's neck. One of these strangers is a gorgeous young man named LIAM, who shares the very same marking. Erika will soon find out that she and Liam are at the center of a worldwide struggle. They are part of a secret society of "Diamonds" chosen to protect the world. And Erika is the "Western Point".

As the battle heats up, Erika's instinct to push people away will be tested when she falls for Liam. Erika struggles to face the demons within her, the fear of being abandoned again. Erika must choose between the risky path of love and the familiar call of the Collector—a sinister, seductive immortal. Will Erika learn to trust? Will she ever feel worthy of Liam's love? Or will she let her insecurities, her fears, destroy the world?

Editorial Reviews

A thrilling story with characters that will live with you long after you’ve finished this wonderful debut novel by JJ Melvin. THE FOUR POINTS cleverly extrapolates existing diamond myths to tell a unique coming-of-age story of first love, betrayal, and a girl’s discovery of ancient powers. YA at its best with all of the magic and young romance you’d expect, and a fresh writing style that hooks you from the very beginning. A must-read for fans of YA (young and old). - Randy Becker (NexTV Entertainment)

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