Jim Gibson : The Thanksgiving Pageant of Doom

The Thanksgiving Pageant of Doom

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Perdita Whacknoodle is an arrogant dog. She is convinced--really convinced--that dogs are smarter than people.

In fact, she takes pity on humans, so Perdita blasts her thoughts and family stories into Laura's head to educate her. (Laura is a very practical fourth-grader who thinks Perdita is nuts, and that her stories prove it---but the stories are so interesting and funny that Laura writes them all down.)

This is the first book (of five) in the popular The World According to Perdita Whacknoodle series,and this is a complete free download.

Here, you'll see how Perdita thinks as you hear stories about Par Whack, Mar Noodle, Einstein Noodle, Uncle Rip van Noodle, and many more.

You'll read the exciting saga of how Par Whack (Perdita's outlaw-dog father) tries to join the school's big Thanksgiving Pageant, and see how Par instantly turns the pageant into complete, total chaos.(And, this is also when Par becomes a sworn enemy of Mr. Wimpy, the pompous principal of the school!)

You'll wonder: does MY dog think like Perdita?

You may think Perdita is crazy, like Laura does. Or you may think she's brilliant, like Perdita herself does.

But reading her book will change how you look at dogs.

And . . . you'll laugh a LOT.

That's for sure!

(And, if you've signed up for Amazon's new 'all-you-can-read' plan, all of the Perdita Whacknoodle books are available free for you to download.)

Editorial Reviews

Here are a couple of reviews from Amazon. One is probably from a child reader, and one is from an established book blogger.


Awesome book

March 4, 2013

By Sophie Jade Fandino

Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Awesome book, I read the newest book first but this book was still
very, very exiting! :-) this is one of the funniest books I've ever


This is so fun!

March 4, 2013

By Ionia Martin

Format:Kindle Edition

Perdita is the ultimate companion. Not only is she smart, funny and an
adorable dog, but she can speak to her little girl owner through
"thought particles." If you have been disappointed by the children's
fiction you have found that seems to think all children are to be spoken
down to and treated like they aren't as intelligent as the rest of us,
you should give this book a try for the complete opposite approach. In
this book, Jim Gibson has created characters that children can identify
with and yet kept the story on a level that doesn't scream "little Kid."

He uses a wide range of vocabulary that will help introduce your child
to new words, tells and intelligent and yet hilarious story and has also
managed to be very original. The colorful stories that Perdita tells
give this story a unique flair that my kids loved. They laughed their
way from page to page at the odd mix of humor and history of the dog's

My kids thought Perdita came off as a bit of a
know-it-all in the beginning, but soon grew to love her. This story has
enough going on in each chapter that your kids will remember what they
have read (or what you have read with them) and get excited for each new
chapter to follow.

I was particularly impressed with the back story
that Perdita the dog tells about where she came from and all the special
traits she possesses. If you are looking for something that is a lot of
fun, has some cute illustrations and a very good quality story for you
child, may I recommend this book to you.

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