J.Buchanan : One World

One World

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Fantasy, Science

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drama science-fiction poetry action, James Patterson, H.G. Wells, John Grisham, Nicholas Sparks

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Wake up to a world of moral excellence, mental magnificence and physical perfection. But everything has a price of some type. A well-trained society is not necessarily a free one ... Immersed far and deep within the darkness of the night sky, existed a society which descended from the simplest form of matter, and evolved into an apex species of intelligent, peaceful beings.

They developed into a spectacular species of people whose fascinating physical paled in comparison to the evolution of their mental. They achieved this status of excellence through generations of positive progress, as well as the emergence of the One World government.

The One World government systematically used perfected technology on chosen citizens in order to strengthen and eliminate evil from the brain by building empathy and character through vivid dream-lives. Sequentially, society as a whole was mentally on the same wavelength, ushering in generations of harmony and happiness. But like all good dreams, utopias only last for so long.

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