Jeremy Croston : Power Play: Act 1 Svartalfheim

Power Play: Act 1 Svartalfheim

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Patrick Kampman, Rick Riordan, E. William Brown, John G. Hartness, Jack Crosby

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Svartalfheim, the home of the dark elves is where our tale begins...

Rumil is tired of the contempt that the other races of the realms show her people, the dark elves. Not content to sit back and watch them struggle, she ventures out of the safety of her own realm and into the Great Forest. Doing everything she can to find the reason behind the distrust, her destiny brings her a rival, hope, and even love.

Jack Skelton, a divorced minor league hockey player on Midgard, gets sucked into the realms by mistake. Finding out the people closest to him aren't who they appear to be, Jack finds himself in a hostile environment where survival for even the most battle tested Gods is difficult. It's only when he discovers the most unlikely of allies does his story begin.

Fate brings two together, dark elf and human, as beacons of hope. An underlying plot, fueled by a hate as old as the realms, is in place to bring about Ragnarok, the Twilight of the Gods. Jack and Rumil find themselves at the center of it, with every intention to stop it. The problem, could one who is hoping to stop it be the catalyst who is destined to trigger the event? Join Jack, Rumil, and a whole host of Gods straight from the Norse pantheon in the first act of the Ragnarok on Ice trilogy!

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