Jennifer Millikin : Full of Fire

Full of Fire

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Innocent, introverted Lila Mitchell's life is thrown into disarray when she meets wealthy playboy nightclub owner Xavier Townsend. Up until that fateful night, Lila was content experiencing emotion through her camera. Xavier's handsome face and captivating personality changes all that. Before Lila can catch herself, she falls hard for the reformed bad boy. Xavier's heart is in just as deep as Lila's, and he has every intention of showing her how reformed he is. But with a persistent past that stops at nothing to interfere, Xavier and Lila find themselves grasping to keep a hold on their relationship. With the threat of their love going down in flames, life steps in and reminds these two that some things are bigger than angry pasts and clobbered hearts. Now, it's up to Lila and Xavier to make a choice: stoke the flames or put out the fire?

Editorial Reviews

Wow! I just finished reading Full of Fire by debut author Jennifer Millikin, and all I can say is, "Wow!" In a wonderful story of romance and intrigue, readers will follow Lila Mitchell as she meets and becomes interested in Xavier Townsend, a nightclub owner with quite the reputation as a playboy. Even though Lila is normally an introvert, preferring to see the world through her camera lens instead of being an active participant, her reaction to Xavier is like nothing she's ever experienced before. But Xavier's past isn't always so easy to deal with, and isn't always so much in the past. Will she be able to deal with this highly desirable man, or will her misgivings about his background prevent their relationship from moving ahead? You'll have to read the book to find out!

I loved Full of Fire. Loved. It. Once I started reading it, I simply could not put it down; it had me hooked from the beginning and I read it straight through. In fact, the only piece of advice I'd have for any reader who loves a great contemporary romance, besides being sure to read this book, would be to make sure you have enough time set aside to read the whole thing when you start it. You'll love it that much! I highly recommend this book, and am very much looking forward to seeing what author Jennifer Millikin has in store for her readers next. With her level of talent, it's unlikely that she'll stay undiscovered for long!

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