Jenneth Graser : The Sound of Amen

The Sound of Amen

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Jenneth Graser

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Do you enjoy reading Psalms? Spiritual poetry? Prayers from the heart? This collection of 100 poems is birthed out of a pilgrimage with God through difficulty, loss, the end of seasons and the beginning of new things. Each poem is an invitation to intimacy. Read slowly and be launched into healing and wonder. Discover an open exploration as you adventure into the deep places of your listening heart.

The Sound of Amen

Fill my day with the sound of Amen

So be it, let it be.

Let the Amen fill my soul,

Whisper it through my mind.

The rest of it leans into your chest

At the feasting table

Breaking bread, drinking wine

I lean into your chest with the sound of it,


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