Jeff Rasley : Islands in my Dreams (excerpt)

Islands in my Dreams (excerpt)

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Biographies & Memoirs, Travel & Adventure

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Print Length

89 pages




Midsummer Books

Publication Date

December 9, 2011



About the Book    About the Author

An island is a place to be alone or to experience intimate community. Islands can be an escape from the bonds of normal life and an embrace with a local culture far different from your own. Escape to an island may be a singular jewel of experience.

I wanted to experience islands more deeply than that of tourist. I explored the islands described in this anthology as a traveler with an attitude of curiosity and adventure.

The personal essays and stories in this book reflect some of what I have gained and what I have dreamed of islands as a spiritual seeker and adventure traveler.

Editorial Reviews

December 31, 2011

By Phyllis Santos Sauer:

Most of the stories were spell bounding. I was fascinated with various
places Jeff visited and the chances he took in his adventures. I
particularly enjoyed his quest for adventure and the meaning he derived
from his encounter with people and the environment. I am pondering "The
man on the bike ...."

By Gary Henson:

Jeff's stories were wonderfully engaging and made me want to throw
some underwear into a duffel bag and follow in his footsteps. Maybe even
take a different route and see people and places even Jeff hasn't.

That's the point of a book like this, isn't it. To show you what life can be like if you have the guts to live it.

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