Jeffrey Burns : The PEACE PATH: A Practical Manual For Reconciliation Between Muslims, Christians And All People of Peace

The PEACE PATH: A Practical Manual For Reconciliation Between Muslims, Christians And All People of Peace

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60 pages

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March4, 2018



About the Book    About the Author

Before 2005, I hated Muslims, but God brought a little Muslim boy into my life named Omar that completely changed my life and the way I saw Muslims.

I no longer see them as enemies but as dear friends, brothers and sisters who desire peace and want to make the world a better place. People often ask me what happened to my life after Omar? What changes did I make and how have those changes impacted my world? I attempt to answer some of those questions in practical ways in my book. I want to show you how I chose to live out my life and faith after my encounter with Omar.

In celebration of my 147,000 views on YouTube, I decided to write a short ebook called The PEACE PATH: A Practical Manual For Reconciliation Between Muslims, Christians and ALL People of Peace. I am giving this book away as a FREE download to all who are interested.

This short book captures my best tools and practices that I have used and developed as a peacemaker for the past ten years. They have been field tested and proven by many people over the years (both Muslims and Christians) around the world, so I know they work; if in our hearts we sincerely desire peace on earth and goodwill toward all people.

I hope you enjoy my book. I will be writing an expanded version of my FREE book to sell that will be loaded with stories and practical content. The extended version will come out before Christmas of 2018. Thank you for your support and click the link below to get your copy of my FREE ebook. May this simple book inspire and guide you to help make a better world.


Editorial Reviews

"The world is hurting. It needs compassion like never before. Thank you for this story."- A YouTube Subscriber

"I love Jeff Burns. He is a man of peace, joy, and love. And I love his new book, The Peace Path. It invites Christians and Muslims (and everyone) to migrate away from violence and hostility in their religious communities and come together on a path of peace. What makes this book especially important is that it is practical. It gives you step-by-step guidelines for becoming a real agent and catalyst for peace. And our world needs peace!" - Brian D. McLaren, author of The Great Spiritual Migration

"Authored by a man of God, who was inspired by a brief interaction with a 5-year old Muslim boy, Omar, The PEACE PATH is a fantastic guide to anyone who is interested in promoting understanding and peace between Christians and Muslims. In fact, the same principles can be applied to any two communities.

Many are inspired by God; few turn that into a mission as Jeff has. The side by side comparisons between the Qur'an and The Bible is right on, and highlight the (often unrealized) similarities of the messages of the two most widely read books in the world.

More than just a Kumbaya type of dialogue, each section gives practical tips for both Christians and Muslims on how to tackle some tough questions. The book is inspirational, as well as a step by step, practical guide that you can put into action today!"

- Ejaz Naqvi, MD Amazon Bestselling Author of The Quran: With or Against the Bible? The Three Abrahamic Testaments Patheos Blogger:

"The subtitle of Dr. Burn’s book “A Practical Manual For Reconciliation Between Muslims, Christians and ALL People of Peace” is a near perfect summarization of this book. He begins with references back to Dr. Henry Blackaby’s “Experiencing God,” precisely the major premise of figuring out what God is doing ‘then join God in that work.’ He shows that God is working with multiple people groups in reconciling Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, and others. However, one of the items which I appreciated was a well thought out list of ‘how’ to join God in this work.

Knowing Dr. Burn’s story from the book’s introduction which tells his story of Omar and a little about his work in reconciliation over more than ten years, he gives the reader the knowledge and wisdom he’s gained through joining God in this work.

Another aspect which I thought set this book out from others was the how he’s managed to provide a concise and straightforward methodology beyond the comprehensive list - follow the ‘Golden Rule’ and build a true friendship. These are things which if kept in the forefront of our minds as we deal with the 'other' - any ‘other’ - will help us in joining God in what He is doing." - Jim Thompson, Retired Military Special Operations Sergeant Major, and Grandfather of Two Young Men Raised As Muslims.

"I've never read such a comprehensive compilation on the love of God working on the inside of His followers. This simple book is a compelling heart rendition of the Gospel because it presents Love in such a light that faith is increased. The testimonies are empowering. The narratives on reconciliation between Muslims, Christians, and ALL people are the gospel; Christ said "all nations, tribes, people, and tongues. Rev. 7:9. I loved the examples given for the implementation of the PEACE PATH and the simple but overlooked methods for building bridges.

One of the most significant ways in marriage to avoid arguments is to know each other’s hot buttons. It clearly outlines what destroys bridges. This book is an excellent read for anyone who wants to live out their faith in God. I highly recommend for any Christian seeking a closer walk with Christ and our Brethren." - Barbara Laws, Staff Member of Central Presbyterian Church, Baltimore Maryland.

"This book is full of stories, ideas, inspiration and most of all encouragement for anyone who believes peace-building is important. Dr. Burns is both courageous in the groundbreaking work he has done as well as gracious about the lessions he's learned in going from hating to loving Muslims himself.

That's what I love about this book the most: It's about someone that has personally walked the journey from fear to love and has helped countless others do so as well. There is no better person to learn from than someone that has gone before us!" - Michelle Smith, Peace Educator

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