Jeff Altabef : Enemies of the State

Enemies of the State

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Steven Cabbott is fighting some serious personal demons, and with America on the brink of civil war, knowing whom to trust is almost impossible. Especially when the person he trusts least of all is himself.

After joining a special operations unit at a young age, the government turned Steven into a killer, and worse—someone who enjoys killing. He tells himself that was a different version of him, and he has changed. Yet one simple question haunts him: does he really want to change?

As civil war threatens to rip America apart, he yearns only for redemption and a good night’s rest. Two young dissident leaders may hold the key to Steven’s absolution, and to peace, but the government is poised to abduct them.

Faced with near impossible odds, Steven must extract the dissidents, but he encounters treachery at every turn, and he’s running out of time. Can he keep his personal demons in check long enough to save the rebels, or will the government claim them all as Enemies of the State?

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