James D. Maxon : The Cat That Made Nothing Something Again

The Cat That Made Nothing Something Again

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Children & Teens, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Harry Potter, Eragon, Erin Hunter, Brian Jacques, Michael Ende

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134 pages




Books For Youth

Publication Date

December 18, 2008



About the Book    About the Author

The Cat that Made Nothing Something Again is a whimsical story for children about a nameless cat that is bored in a land of dry everything – people, trees and land. He remembers a time when the landscape was green, flowers bloomed and people cared about him and each other. Wanting to experience the joy he remembers so well, he sets out on a journey to find the ones who sucked the moisture from his world and get it back.

Along the way, he meets some colorful characters, including a wise old turtle, a seemingly sinister troll, a smart little bird, an overwhelmed mayor and a simple seed who reminds him how important it is for people to do what's right and take care of each other. Good wins out over evil in the end, but in a most unusual way. Anyone who has ever owned a house cat will appreciate the irony in the villains' demise.

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