J.D. Killi : Movers And Shakers

Movers And Shakers

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Business & Finance , Romance

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Romance Erotica, Lesbian Romance, Scott Hildreth, Sierra Cartwright, Alexa Riley, Pepper Winters

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Gay Erotica: Movers And Shakers

Gay Erotica short stories

Lee is moving from Manhattan to Tribeca. The successful Wall Street broker wants a shift from the old world charm of his upper 40s apartment, to the trendier Tribeca, the penthouse that he has just purchased a beautiful reflection of the life that he has built. He has one day to move though, at the request of the buyers of his Manhattan home, and so he gets a group of Latinos who seem to have the muscle to handle the swift move to help him. He does not expect the full service that he gets at the hands of these movers, however…

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