J.D. Killi : Friction Causes Heat: Lesbian Romance

Friction Causes Heat: Lesbian Romance

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Romance Erotica, Lesbian Romance, Scott Hildreth, Sierra Cartwright, Alexa Riley, Pepper Winters

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Lesbian Erotica: Friction Causes Heat

Jade is a Miami restaurateur, and she loves her little Thai restaurant that is close to the water so that it sees a lot of traffic. When another restaurant opens just a few doors from her, she feels the need to go and check it out, just to make sure that the competition won’t negatively impact her business. The place sells pizza and pasta, so that she knows it is Italian, and probably owned by a fat, hairy Italian. Instead, she finds the owner to be a rather attractive, young Puerto Rican woman, who makes a mean pasta, and who happens to know just how to cause her fair share of heat in the kitchen

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