J.D. Killi : Between Night and Day : romance erotica

Between Night and Day : romance erotica

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Romance Erotica, Lesbian Romance, Scott Hildreth, Sierra Cartwright, Alexa Riley, Pepper Winters

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Between Night and Day : romance erotica

It was a cold winter night, the sky glittering with frozen stars. Nate was lying in bed, dozing as he hovered on the edge of sleep, when he felt something cold slide against his bare arm. His sleepy state was dispelled as Gabrielle's cool hand slid down his arm to entwine their fingers together. It felt strange, and Nate soon realized why. Usually, he would be the one reaching out to touch his fair-skinned lover. Ever since their relationship blossomed a year ago, Gabrielle had never made the first move when it came to sex.

At that moment, Gabrielle's fingers tightened around his, and Nate felt a rush of heat spread through his body as his breathing quickened.

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