J.D. Killi : Barellionare : The Ride Along

Barellionare : The Ride Along

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Romance, Fiction & Literature

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Romance Erotica, Lesbian Romance, Scott Hildreth, Sierra Cartwright, Alexa Riley, Pepper Winters

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Barellionare : The Ride Along

The Gay Erotica Short Stories book 1

Luke has to make a long trip from Johannesburg to the city of Durban on the Kwa-Zulu Natal Coast in South Africa. He could just fly, but since he is relocating, and since most of his stuff can fit in his car, he decides to drive, avoiding having to come back and fetch his car later. On the way, he picks up a hitchhiker, after much deliberation, thinking that he could use the company. What he gets is a whole lot more…

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