J. C. Sherrod : My Dear Readers: Bring Them In

My Dear Readers: Bring Them In

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Religion & Spirituality, Fiction & Literature

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C. S. Lewis, Aesop, Max Lucado, Tim Keller

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Full Length: 252




CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (September 1, 2015)

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sept. 1, 2015



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Bring Them In is a story found in My Dear Readers, available on Amazon.com.

My Dear Readers is a collection of short story metaphors meant to inspire thought leading to action. Taking the stance of a personal letter, author J. C. Sherrod addresses his readers with their best interest in mind. Jordan (the "J" in J. C. Sherrod) enjoys leading others to their highest potential in life and hopes that you too might become one of his dear readers by entering the stories found in this book.

Jordan understands that your time is valuable in our fast paced society, but also believes that one must practice the discipline of stopping. Hustle and bustle for a lifetime prevents one from enjoying the small things in life, and it is these small things that often mean the most. In light of this, each story in My Dear Readers is a short story, meant to be read and completed over a cup of steaming joe (coffee, that is). So brew yourself a cup, have a seat, and prepare to think as you read My Dear Readers.

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