J.C.L. Faltot : The Scientist's Dilemma (30%)

The Scientist's Dilemma (30%)

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In the never-ending quest for meaning and purpose, professor Grant Reed is a pioneer. Every night, he looks to the sky via his university telescope, asking the big questions: why this? Why us? Why anything? But, despite his tiresome routine, the professor remains fully intent on answering all of them. His desire to make the ultimate discovery - to understand what has never been understood - drives him forward. But, that's all before his strange encounter; a once-in-a-lifetime meeting that does little to change his end goal, but does everything to shift his search - his great dilemma - in an entirely new direction.

NOTE: This is the first third of the actual story. For the complete book, you may check out "The Scientist's Dilemma" on Kindle.

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