Jay Swanson : Into the Nanten: the Record of My Exile

Into the Nanten: the Record of My Exile

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Travel & Adventure

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J.R.R. Tolkien, Tim Butcher, Joseph Conrad, Robert Jordan, G.R.R. Martin

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664 Pages




The Northern Range

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The Nanten is a jungle so hostile that to enter it willingly is considered suicide. This is the journal of Marceles na Tetrarch, a warrior currently exiled to the Nanten for murder. He goes in search of a man that he hates, who was exiled there 20 years ago: Brin Salisir.It’s rumored that Salisir went to discover a cult risen from the darkest dredges of humanity. What Marceles doesn’t know is if the rumors are true.


Into the Nanten originally appeared as a real-time fantasy blog at intothenanten.com, entries appearing daily, often with illustrations by Nimit Malavia. The story will resume with a second season starting 9/9/15.

Editorial Reviews

"This is f*cking brilliant!" -Norah Baker---

"...I encourage you to read "Into the Nanten". I had the privilege to read it in real time as a blog, which was a little bit frustrating as I had to wait until Marcelas (Jay Swanson-author) documented the current days entry. This left me with eager anticipation of getting home and awaiting the live entry. You have the privilege of reading it straight through. Read it.... and then join me in the continuing saga of Marcelas when season two commences later this year." -Brian Baugh

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