Jawbone Digital : Gusatve Dore’s Bible Coloring Book for Adults (Noisetrade sample edition)

Gusatve Dore’s Bible Coloring Book for Adults (Noisetrade sample edition)

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John G. Lake, E. M. Bounds, Lewis Sperry Chafer, Gustave Doré

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Gustave Doré (1832-1883) spent his life creating some of the most iconic wood engravings in history. Without question, you've seen his work, though you may not have realized it. Among his most well-known works of art are those which covered the Bible.

Our complete collection contains 221 of Doré's most beloved Biblical images, all of which have been carefully lightened, enabling you to get creative with your colored pencils and bring new life to these timeless classics. This, our sample collection, contains twenty of our favorites, and some of the most iconic images from the collection.

Our coloring books for purchase have the images printed only on one side of the paper. The back side of the image has a brief description of the image and the Scripture reference. By purchasing the complete Doré collection, you would be able to cut out and frame all 221 images, if you felt so inclined. This sample edition is formatted double-sided, since most people don’t have a higher-end double-sided printer. (And if you do, you may want to print this single-sided.)

This book has been painstakingly crafted by Jawbone Digital, where we've been reviving out-of-print Christian classic texts since 2011. This is our first foray into something more image-centric, so we hope that you enjoy it. To see more of what we're all about, visit our website. We'll reward your time spent with a small library of free eBooks.


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