Javon Rahman Bertrand : The Biography of Prophets

The Biography of Prophets

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Manifold Grace Publishing House

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December 23, 2016



About the Book    About the Author

The Biography of Prophets is not an ordinary book on prophets. Javon Rahman Bertrand has taken the time to search the scriptures to write biographies of biblical prophets. These biographies expose their lives and their ministries in a more intimate and realistic way, with revelation and wisdom, The Biography of Prophets was written to give present day truth to the oldest ministry upon the land. This book is an intimate look into the lives of prophets according to scripture. The purpose of this book is to show these men and women in a more realistic light. With guidance of Holy Spirit, God's prophets will be on display so that the church sees them as people and not just prophets. The multifaceted fuction of prophets will be revealed for the glory of God. The Biography of Prophets is written to heal the gap between the church and prophets.

Editorial Reviews

"Javon Rahman Bertrand's non-fiction Christian Biblical Study and Prophecy work, The Biography of Prophets, is a well-presented and thought-provoking look at prophets and prophecy, both from biblical times and in the modern-day world." - Reader's Favorite "Any Christian reader who has ever had a desire to know more about the prophets, who has ever hoped to become more prophet-like in their own life, or any person striving to just be a better Christian in general should absolutely read this book. I am pleased to be able to recommend The Biography of Prophets, and I certainly hope that author Javon Rahman Bertrand is working on another book in this area. I, for one, will be watching for it! - Reader's Favorite"In an interesting and intriguing new work by author Javon Rahman Bertrand, The Biography of Prophets is a book that many readers will find engrossing from the very start all the way through until the very last pages. Providing an intense scriptural look into the lives of the prophets and their ministries, this book serves as an excellent guide for those looking for more information on how the prophets lived, both with an aim of historical education as well as to give readers examples to follow." - Reader's Favorite

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