Jason Srebnick : Escape From CorpWorld

Escape From CorpWorld

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Business & Finance , Fiction & Literature

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Lois Lowry, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, Tim Ferriss, Dan Lyons

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December 2015



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"The Corporation comes first. Always.

The needs of the Corporation come before my own.

I exist for the Corporation and the Corporation exists for me.

I will obey and honor Corporate law.

One Corporation under the mighty Credit."

- from The Corporate Pledge

Reminiscent of stories such as 1984, Fahrenheit 451 and Brave New World, Escape From CorpWorld is a timely tale that is at once terrifying and amusing, thought provoking and heartwarming. The city of New Boston... In the world of Aaron Cogwell going to work at his Corporation seven days a week for a minimum seventeen hour work day is the norm. Weekends are an archaic thing of the very distant past. Now there are workends: Four hour work stoppages every thirty-six days. The Corporations are nothing if not efficient. People are judged by marks such as Corporate status, the size and class of their residence and by how much "stuff" they have in their display chambers. And this information is all very public and available for viewing on the HRN. Government still exists but is a small and meaningless footnote in a very large Corporate world. People now pledge allegiance to their Corporation. Aaron is more than happy with his life like this. He's thankful to his Corporation for all it has given him. For all of the stuff that he and his wife have been able to accumulate. They were given this life by the Corporation. And they are forever loyal for it. Then again this is all Aaron or anyone else in CorpWorld has ever known. There are no alternatives. At least that is what Aaron believes. Until one day a major event changes his life’s course and he meets a mysterious stranger who helps him to realize that, indeed, there is a choice.

Editorial Reviews

The most fun and interesting book I’ve read in a long time. From the outset the author transports readers directly into a distant future dominated by corporations where things are very different, yet somehow quite familiar. Although today’s world is not overtly controlled by corporations it isn’t a great leap to see how that reality could eventually evolve, making the dystopian society described in Jason Srebnick’s novel not only plausible but frightfully believable. Especially by someone like myself who has spent most of their career working in a classic corporate environment. Immediately I was drawn into this new world, identifying with the laborious routine of protagonist Aaron Cogwell, and with each page found myself more eager to learn about the people, technologies, and the corporations which rule all. As Srebnick delves deeper and exposes more layers of the fictional society we realize the degree to which Cogwell is simply another sprocket in a vast machine with little individuality or control over his own destiny. A willing slave, he is locked into a predictable suffocating trajectory from which there is seemingly no escape. Ultimately the author is suggesting that even though most of us conform to the boundaries set by our modern institutions, we do in fact have a choice. Playing it safe and living only within the paradigm created for us has the potential to be limiting and even harmful. Given the chance however, such as an opportunity to awaken and truly comprehend ones place in the world, a spark may be lit providing inspiration to break out of the mold and take charge of our lives. Srebnick reminds us the freedom we all have as individuals should not be overlooked much less forgotten. It takes guts to live life on your own terms, but with great risk can come great reward. As Aaron Cogwell achieves enlightenment so begins his chance to dream, risk, and become the man he never knew he could be. For me, the measure of a good book is how much I think about it afterwards, ponder the concepts and how often I place myself back into the world created by the author. Since finishing I have found myself going back there again and again, and I am very excited for the next work by Jason Srebnick. Well done!

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