Jason Spencer : The Tribe Builder's Manifesto: Spark a Movement. Change the World.

The Tribe Builder's Manifesto: Spark a Movement. Change the World.

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Business & Finance , Self-Improvement

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Stephen Pressfield, Seth Godin, Simon Sinek, Jonathan Fields

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What does it take to spark a movement? Change the world?

A TRIBE is One Idea, One Leader and One Community. This model is igniting movements around the world.

Are you COMPELLED to start one?

You have a spark within you that has the power to change the world and people around you. You've heard this voice inside, haven't you?

You must DECIDE to respond.

What about the resistance that is there and ready to stop you from entering into your purpose?

Are you prepared and equipped to RISE above it?

Editorial Reviews

"Great motivating and inspirational read...imagine if we all followed it...just have to see that obstacles are fun challenges...we all have moments of doubt, lack of confidence." - Rosie B.

"This is great stuff. I really enjoy the site and the book. I feel as if at a fork in the road in my career and so this site and book has been very timely for me." - Eric Pangburn

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