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Fourteen years ago, the king and queen of the fantastic land of Magog met mysterious, violent deaths at the hands of a group of deformed outliers known as monsters. Now, as a new ruler is about to be crowned, two young people from completely different backgrounds--Jovis, a scrappy, independent young commoner, and the Princess Jocosta, herself the courageous, willful heir to the throne--will reluctantly join forces on a journey into the dark and forbidding forest known as Monsterwood. There, they will discover the truth about what really happened in those dark days of betrayal and murder...and begin to fulfill their own destinies.

You can help support the Kickstarter today: www.monsterwoodcomic.com

Editorial Reviews

Jason Rosen’s Monsterwood is the most ambitious project I’ve read in years, Monsterwood not only plays with the expected code of Fantasy, but it also brings to the plot new twists and turns, making that book really addictive. Once you open it, you’re in for one hell of a ride, perfect mix of Jim Henson’s Dark Crystal and Tolkien’s best work. Jovis’ quest will haunt you for days, even once back on the shelf, that tale will stick with you. - Hugues Barbier, Founder of the Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival

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