Jason Link : The Legender

The Legender

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Children & Teens, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, Robert Jordan, C.S. Lewis, Orson Scott Card

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Over a thousand years have passed, yet there has been no sign of the legenders, those mysterious beings who once formed the elements into the shapes of mighty beasts. Many think the legenders are a myth, and no one suspects that Arkos—the reclusive artisan who carves animal bones—is one of them. Arkos’ life of solitude, however, is drastically changed when the ancient city in which he lives is struck by a great terror and the old myths begin to resound once more. As plots and danger arise, Arkos is swept up into an adventure that takes him into the dark unknown, and along his journey he learns that the true nature of his being runs much deeper than he had come to believe.

Editorial Reviews

“The pacing is brisk…the action is fun and the sweep of the novel works, leaving the reader with the feeling of a grand…fairy tale.” – Publishers Weekly

“Link has done a great job of laying out a world and characters that draw the reader in. Can’t wait for the next one!” – Amazon Reviewer

“A fantasy novel and realm worthy of comparison to the masters of this genre.” – Amazon Reviewer

“At last, a great [fantasy] story.” – Vine Reviewer

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