Jason Boyett : 100 Days of Trump: Daily quotes from the most unpredictable three months in U.S. history

100 Days of Trump: Daily quotes from the most unpredictable three months in U.S. history

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April 29, 2017



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Fake news. Alternative facts. So-called judges. The election of Donald J. Trump to the presidency may have surprised the nation, but no one was surprised that his first hundred days in office defied conventional politics at every turn. At the heart of this unpredictability were the president’s own words. Unafraid to state his opinion—whether in interviews or on Twitter—Trump’s unfiltered comments dominated the nation’s news cycle, beginning with his inaugural address.

The news media dutifully broadcast these quotes at a breakneck pace. Some circulated in the news for only a few hours until the next story hit. Others redefined the national narrative for weeks, and even led to federal investigations.

In this book, veteran author Jason Boyett tells the story of the first few months of Trump’s administration using these public statements. In a quote-a-day format, he relies on the president’s own words—along with statements from those connected to his administration—to examine the personality, purpose, and values of the Trump administration as revealed during its first hundred days.

“If every day had been dominated by something the administration said, could the story of Trump’s first three months be told using those quotes?” Boyett asks. “And if so, what would they tell us about the president himself?”

100 Days of Trump is a unique guide to an unforgettable moment in American history. Not only does it chronicle the roller coaster of President Trump’s first few months in office, but it analyzes the significant roles played by language and communication in defining the American presidency.

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