Jaqueline Stone : Fallen: The Awakening

Fallen: The Awakening

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Humor, Fiction & Literature

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Ann Radcliffe, Aminah Iman, James Patterson, Anne Rice, Stephanie Meyer

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This is a tale of a boy on his journey to becoming a man. In order to come of age, the boy had to walk the thin line between human and demon, surviving a series of tests to prove his righteousness. The road ahead of him would be dangerous for the corrupt world of man could cause him to be led astray. To keep him on the middle way, the boy had to seek the help of his friends, the priestess, and the wizard. Together they tried countless spells and rituals to cure his madness, but still, the evil inside him grew. For inside of the boy was the fallen angel of greed, desperately scratching for freedom. On their travels, they met a serpent, skilled in the ways of sorcery and necromancy. He eagerly offered his serves as the boy’s teacher and protector, and with his help, the boy was able to master his greed while staying on the path of righteousness. But things would take a turn for the worse when the fallen angel of lust started to intervene. Wanting to slay the greed within, the demon of lust stole the boy’s most cherished treasure in the hopes that it would send him spiraling into chaos. And he was right. Fueled by anger the boy and his companions prepared for war. Hours before battle, the serpent advised the boy that he was not yet strong enough. If he fought now, he would fall victim to lust, and his treasure would be forever lost. The only way to defeat his enemies and reclaim that which he loved, he would have to rely on the dark force within himself. Feeling like he had no other choice, the boy gave himself to darkness and allowed his soul to be consumed by greed. This is where the story of the boy ends, and the life of an angel begins.

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