Jane Duncan Rogers : Gifted By Grief: A True Story of Cancer, Loss and Rebirth

Gifted By Grief: A True Story of Cancer, Loss and Rebirth

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Living Well Publications

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1st September 2015



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Having had no children, Jane’s greatest fear comes true when she is left alone in the world after her husband, Philip, dies from stomach cancer. Gifted by Grief is the story of how they cope with the diagnosis and what emerges for her after he dies. She describes how, two and a half years on, after all the grief and loss, she ends up stating something she would never have believed was possible: she is grateful for the loss of her husband. How can this be?

Musings about the meaning of life and death, including excerpts from Philip's blog posts and Jane's journal entries at the time, are interwoven with funny, poignant and insightful stories. This gives a unique insight into one of the most challenging times a relationship can face.

Filled with golden nuggets of wisdom for the reader to pick up and use as they wish, this book introduces the idea that within all grief there is a gift awaiting discovery.

Truly inspiring, this is an excellent bereavement book, as well as for those suffering grief and loss from other causes.

Editorial Reviews

"Reading Gifted by Grief is a healing experience. Jane has written a raw memoir that is intimate and spacious, private and revealing, and honest and wise. In sharing her journey with grief, Jane helps us with our journey too. I feel lighter each time I read another bit of her manuscript. In witnessing her healing, I am experiencing my own". Robert Holden, co-author with Louise L Hay of Life Loves You

"A thought provoking and inspiring piece of writing which is helping me to come to terms with losses over the last couple of years. It is easy to read - the story keeps the reader engaged. A very useful list of resources is included in the appendix." Jane Bayley, business owner http://www.naturallymorocco.co.uk/

"Every now and then a self-published book comes along that stands head and shoulders above the rest. This is one of them. As a writer, I applaud Jane for having the courage to tell this story exactly as she wanted to tell it. A publisher's editor might well have wanted to shorten or re-structure it, and to the detriment of its unique value, which is the immediacy of a present time story, told in its entirety.Jane takes us on a journey, the journey she made through the marriage, diagnosis with cancer, and loss of her husband Philip.

What makes the book so special, compelling and valuable, is that she tells it in real time, as it unfolded, drawing upon extracts from the Blog Philip wrote during his illness, her own journal, in which she wrote daily, and her deepest inner Guidance, something she calls 'The Listening', which brought her answers and solace in her deepest despair and grief.This is not so much a courageous book as a story that simply had to be told, with ruthless honesty and openness. An untidy, real life story with all its ups and downs. It is a story that finds Jane dismantling her personality right in front of us and awakening to the deeper messages of her own soul. A story that is not at all linear, but in which it's author rails against life one minute and experiences the deepest serenity and peace the next. And certainly a story that keeps us turning the pages, wanting more even when we reach the end of it.

Each reader will take something different from this book, for it is a multifaceted, multilevel read. It is not, thank goodness, a self help book. It proffers no advice about how to deal with grief, or how to live with cancer, or how enter widowhood. It is, rather, a beautiful offering. It brings us face to face with a conversation many of us would like to avoid, but ultimately we all must face. It is an expression of what it means to be human, given to us with such rawness that it can strip us bare, can open us to the deepest reality and to everything that Life itself has to offer. Jane and Philip have brought a rare gift into the world of books. One that truly demonstrates for our own lives, that Love really is the answer, and that, in truth, there is absolutely nothing to fear." Judith Hampson, writer and editor.

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