James Noll : You Will Be Safe Here

You Will Be Safe Here

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Horror, Post-Apocalyptic, Sci-Fi, Stephen King, Richard Matheson

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March 2, 2014



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Come travel down the dark recesses of the human mind, accompany the doomed inhabitants of a distant planet on their dangerous final mission, and tour the paranormal corners of Fredericksburg, Virginia with four more short stories and a new novel from the author of A Knife in the Back.

"Milly-Anne" doesn't let autism get in her way. She's smart. Smarter than her mother, smarter than her classmates, and definitely smarter than Mr. Tull, her principal. But something horrific is spawning in the air ducts of her school, and she can't make anybody understand just how much danger they are in.

In "Like This?," the psychiatrists release Jefferson Jefferson from the institution early. They shouldn't have.

In "The Unan," Bear, Lily, and the old man barely escape a deadly outbreak in their compound. They take to the jungle, where unknown peril awaits.

In "Savages," a fireball streaks through the heavens above the peaceful valley where the White One, the Brother of Rhoem, has lived for years with his cousins, the Unan. The chief of the Unan thinks it may be a message from the gods, but the White One knows it is a different kind of visitor.

Tracker's Travail picks up the story of Topher, Zorn, and Gertrude years after their escape from Raleigh's Prep. Arriving in Fredericksburg, Virginia just in time to stop a Class IV CZA, they quickly find themselves embroiled in various other misadventures. Who would have thought such a quaint little town could be so lethal?

Editorial Reviews

I really enjoyed these stories. They contain a nice variety of themes, some of which are dark and some of which are actually pretty humorous.My favorites were "The Unan" and "Savages." (These two stories actually tie together.) There were elements to The Unan that reminded me of the world of Stephen King's The Dark Tower series and I imagine the Gunslinger would have fit in pretty well in this setting. Anyway, the author has done a good job or world building here, the stories contain good characterization and solid action, and I greatly enjoyed them. Going into more detail would be doing a disservice to any readers who plan on checking these stories out.Recommended, especially for fans of sci-fi fantasy or readers who simply appreciate a diverse and interesting collection of stories.-- Dr. Gonzo, Amazon review

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