James Maxey : Nobody Gets the Girl: A Superhero Novel

Nobody Gets the Girl: A Superhero Novel

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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terry pratchett, george rr martin, anne mccaffrey, Gail Z. Martin, piers anthony

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Richard Rogers was an ordinary man until he met the super-genius Dr. Nicolas Knowbokov. Now trapped in a world that has no memory of him, Richard is an invisible, intangible ghost to everyone but Dr. Know and the scientist’s two sexy superheroine daughters, Rail Blade and the Thrill. Assigned the codename Nobody, Richard becomes the world’s ultimate spy, invisibly battling the super-powered terrorist army run by the mysterious mastermind Rex Monday. The fate of the free world is at stake as the superhuman battles escalate, wiping entire cities from the map, threatening the survival of all mankind. Who can save us from the looming apocalypse? NOBODY!

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