James Maxey : Bitterwood


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terry pratchett, george rr martin, anne mccaffrey, Gail Z. Martin, piers anthony

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Dragons rule the world, united under their powerful dragon-king. Humans struggle to survive as slaves, pets, and prey. One man, the mysterious Bitterwood, strikes at dragons from the shadows, fighting a long, lonely war of resistance. When Bitterwood is blamed for the death of the dragon-king's son, the dragons launch a full scale campaign to rid the world of the legendary dragon-slayer—even if they must kill all of mankind to do so.

Editorial Reviews

“For the sake of humanity, join in Bitterwood’s revolt.” – Kirkus Reviews
“A grabber from page one, a smart tale of adventure and revenge sprinkled with echoes of our own dangerous times. James Maxey’s world of dragons and humans at war is so solidly and engagingly rendered that I never wanted to leave.” – John Marco

“Bitterwood is an unlikely hero in a rich world, with a rich history that holds many surprises. James Maxey tells his story with a sure hand. Enjoy the journey!” – Carrie Vaughn

"Fine action and cool world building. Anne McCaffrey through a mirror darkly." – E. E. Knight

“A magnificent hero story.” – Orson Scott Card

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