J.A. Jernay : The North Korea Onyx

The North Korea Onyx

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In America, a Korean immigrant church teeters on the edge of bankruptcy.

The minister has discovered the location of an onyx teacup, an historical treasure that had belonged to his grandfather before the division of the Korean peninsula. Recovering it will save their church. The only catch--

It's in North Korea. And they need someone willing to retrieve it.


In her most thrilling travel mystery yet, Ainsley arrives in Pyongyang under the pretext of running a marathon----only to end up running for her life. Racing across the peninsula, she sees the hidden truth about the North Korean people, their deep suffering, and their resistance. Fighting hunger and exhaustion, Ainsley summons every last drop of her resourcefulness, endurance, and inner strength to stay ahead of the regime--

--and to stay alive.

From an author who worked on the foreign desk of The Washington Post comes a travel mystery that will change the way you see the world.

Length: Approximately 53,000 words.

Eighth in the series.

Praise for J.A. Jernay and the Ainsley Walker Gemstone Travel Mystery series:

"The writing is tight, I just love the main character ... I can't wait to read more about where her adventures take her!" – Kenetha Stanton

"Sketching a country with historical and cultural strokes, and tying this in with a fast storyline is something Jernay does well..." – B. Till

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