Jaffrey Clark : The Nobleman (Chapters 1-6)

The Nobleman (Chapters 1-6)

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Suspense, Fiction

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Fantasy & Mystery/Thrillers, J.K. Rowling & Rick Riordan, J.R.R. Tolkien & C.S. Lewis, Donna Tartt & Sibel Hodge

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When the son of business tycoon, Robert Tole, goes missing, and a murder scene is discovered by Brigg Bay, the worst is assumed. Days later, it is confirmed: Jason Tole is dead. What has law enforcement baffled, and Robert Tole reeling, is that Jason's brother, Nathan, had been the victim of random gang violence four months earlier. Jason's death has no clear links. Detective Marc Jackson is not new to murder, or gang violence. What does complicate this case is his past, with both the Toles, and the gangs of Easton. As his investigation unfolds, one thing becomes clear: neither Nathan nor Jason's deaths were coincidental or isolated. Bad blood, and hints of a villainous mastermind begin to be revealed as dark secrets come to light.

If you want a mystery so real you start to live it, you want The Nobleman. The only way out is to finish.

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