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Phoning Home: Essays

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136 pages



Publication Date

May 31, 2014



About the Book    About the Author

Phoning Home is a collection of entertaining and thought-provoking essays featuring the author's quirky family, his Jewish heritage, and his New York City upbringing. Jacob M. Appel's recollections and insights, informed and filtered by his advanced degrees in medicine, law, and ethics, not only inspire nostalgic feelings but also offer insight into contemporary medical and ethical issues.

Editorial Reviews

"Entertaining, intelligent and compassionate essays that provoke reflection." - Kirkus Review (starred review)

"In his essays, Jacob Appel vividly evokes a younger version of himself, whom he treats with both cruelty and affection. His essays are gentle, crisp, self-mocking, and sneakily absurd. In each essay, he reaches some sort of equilibrium, a kind of intellectual epiphany that doesn't come easily; instead, it feels raw and hard-earned."--Rachel Aviv, staff writer at the New Yorker.

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