Jack Kinsella : Entreprenerd: The Busy Person's Primer on SEO, Paid Advertising, and Conversion Optimisation

Entreprenerd: The Busy Person's Primer on SEO, Paid Advertising, and Conversion Optimisation

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The ideas within are based on the author's time chairing a "growth hacker" group in Berlin. Among the members of this group were some ex-Googlers, a consultant doing conversion optimisation for Amazon Audible, an AdWords guy for Goldman Sachs, a 24-year old Serbian man making $100,000 a month selling e-books on Tinder dating, a top-10 bestselling print author, and the heads of marketing for Delivery Hero and Research Gate. In went all their strategies and techniques and out came this book.

Readers should expect a concise, carefully researched, and highly applicable read that summarises the contemporary world of online marketing in 2016. The goal in writing this book was to maximise the rate of information transfer per word. In terms of content, Entreprenerd focuses on the overarching and evergreen principles of online marketing. It does not waste readers' time by prattling on about the minutiae of configuring advertising platforms or setting up Google Analytics: this sort of tedious trivia changes every six months and readers are better off googling for the official docs. A better use of one's time is to learn about the strategic issues such as "how can one create a self-perpetuating engine of content for driving SEO?", or "how can one prevent ad-blindness?", or "what kind of questions should Google's Analytics data be used to answer?".

Full table of contents and preview chapters available on the author's personal website: https://www.jackkinsella.ie

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